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Image by Nil Castellví

Your English is Better Than My French

Chapter 19

Useful Links:

           Canoes Loisirs

           Château de Castelnaud-la Chapelle

           Julien de Savignac Wine Shops

Pic 19-1.jpg

Pic 19-1. Launch point Canoes Loisirs

Pic 19-2.jpg

Pic 19-2.  Picnic across from La-Roque-Gageac

Pic 19-4.jpg

Pic 19-4. Château de Monfort

Pic 19-6.jpg

Pic 19-6. Dordogne River from Château de Castelnaud (gabarre on the water)


Walking Map 1:  Google Link

Pic 19-3.jpg

Pic 19-3. Château de Castelnaud from the water

Pic 19-5.jpg

Pic 19-5. Château de Castelnaud

Pic 19-7.jpg

Pic 19-7. View of Château de Beynac from Château de Castelnaud

Pic 19-8.jpg

Pic 19-8. View from Château de Castelnaud

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