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Image by Nil Castellví

Your English is Better Than My French

Chapter 4

Useful Links:

          B.D.J. Café

          Little Red Door

          Vendettes du Pont Neuf (Bateau Mouche)

Pic 4-1.jpg

Pic 4-1. Notre Dame selfie

Pic 4-3.JPG

Pic 4-3. The Conciergerie

Pic 4-5.JPG

Pic 4-5. Hôtel de Ville

Pic 4-6.JPG

Pic 4-6. Église Saint-Gervais

Pic 4-8.JPG

Pic 4-8. Courtyard of Hôtel de Sully

Pic 4-10.JPG

Pic 4-10. Wall of Philip Augustus—the oldest fortification of Paris built from 1190 to 1209

Pic 4-12.JPG

Pic 4-12. Sunset on the Seine

Pic 4-14. Notre Dame under construction

Pic 4-14.jpg
Pic 4-2.JPG

Pic 4-2. Tour de l’Horlage

Pic 4-4.JPG

Pic 4-4. Tour Saint-Jacques

Pic 4-7.jpg

Pic 4-7. B.D.J. Café

Pic 4-9.jpg

Pic 4-9. Place des Vosges

Pic 4-11.jpg

Pic 4-11. Jewish Children Memorial

Pic 4-13.JPG

Pic 4-13. Eiffel from the water

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