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Image by Nil Castellví

Your English is Better Than My French

Chapter 22

Useful Links:

           Chateau de Beynac

           Crêperie Salé Sucrépes

                      64 Bd Louis Jean Malvy 64, 46200 Souillac, France


Pic 22-1.heic

Pic 22-1. Château de Beynac

Pic 22-4.heic

Pic 22-4. View from Château de Beynac


Walking Map 1:  Google Link

Pic 22-2.jpg

Pic 22-2. Château de Beynac

Pic 22-3.heic

Pic 22-3. Richard the Lionheart’s bedroom

PIc 22-5.jpg

Pic 22-5. Sally port with iron door and arrow slots

Pic 22-6.jpg

Pic 22-6. Retractable door over snake filled pit

PIc 22-9.jpg

Pic 22-9. Remnants of Church of Saint Martin, now a clock tower

Pic 22-12.heic

Pic 22-12. Rocamadour

Pic 22-15.heic

Pic 22-15. The Black Madonna

Pic 22-17.jpg

Pic 22-17. St. Amadour’s stone coffin

Pic 22-19.jpg

Pic 22-19. Notre Dame du Rugby

Pic 22-21.HEIC

Pic 22-21. Sarlat at night

Pic 22-7.jpg

Pic 22-7. Crêperie Salé Sucrépes

Pic 22-8.jpg

Pic 22-8. Crêperie Salé Sucrépes

Pic 22-10.jpg

Pic 22-10. Abbatiale-Saint-Marie

Pic 22-11.heic

Pic 22-11. Abbatiale-Saint-Marie

Pic 22-13.jpg

Pic 22-13. Rocamadour- The Cross of Jerusalem and Château

Pic 22-14.heic

Pic 22-14. Chapel complex on the middle level

Pic 22-16.jpg

Pic 22-16. Verified miracles of the Black Madonna

Pic 22-18.jpg

Pic 22-18. The Sword of Roland

Pic 22-20.heic

Pic 22-20. Sarlat at night

Pic 22-22.HEIC

Pic 22-22. Sarlat at night

Pic 22-23.jpg

Pic 22-23. Sarlat- the Executioner’s Tower

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