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Image by Nil Castellví

Your English is Better Than My French

Chapter 7

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Pic 7-1.jpg

Pic 7-1. Versailles market

Pic 7-4.jpg

Pic 7-4. Fountains at the end of the Grand Canal

Pic 7-5.jpg

Pic 7-5. Grand Trianon

Pic 7-7.jpg

Pic 7-7. the Queen’s Hamlet

Pic 7-9.jpg

Pic 7-9. Hall of Mirrors

Pic 7-11.jpg

Pic 7-10. Apollo Fountain

Pic 7-2.jpg

Pic 7-2. Versailles market

Pic 7-3.jpg

Pic 7-3. Blue Fox Tours

Pic 7-6.jpg

Pic 7-6. the Queen’s Hamlet

Pic 7-8.jpg

Pic 7-8. Versailles

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