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Image by Nil Castellví

Your English is Better Than My French

Chapter 3

Walking Map 1:  Google Link

Walking Map 2:  Google Link

Pic 3-1.jpg

Pic 3-1. A rainy start

Pic 3-4.jpg

Pic 3-4. Crown jewels in the Apollo Gallery

Pic 3-2.JPG

Pic 3-2. Carrousel du Louvre, secret underground entrance

Pic 3-3.jpg

Pic 3-3. Apollo Gallery- one of the most beautiful in the Louvre

Pic 3-5.jpg

Pic 3-5. Apartments of Napoleon III

Pic 3-6.jpg

Pic 3-6. Colonnes de Buren

Pic 3-7. MIDI 12. Galletes-

(Smoked salmon with roe and soft cheese) (Duck confit with carrot mousse, cantal cheese and caramelized onions)

Pic 3-7.jpg
Pic 3-8.jpg

Pic 3-8 MIDI 12, Almond cookie crêpe with crème diplomate vanille and fresh strawberries

Pic 3-9.jpg

Pic 3-9. Galeries Lafayette

Pic 3-10.jpg

Pic 3-10. Palais Garnier Opera House

Pic 3-11.JPG

Pic 3-11. Thierry freaking Godard!

Pic 3-12. Bank of the Seine

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