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Your English is Better Than My French


          Does the prospect of navigating a French vacation seem daunting? Have past trips failed to live up to expectations? Do you value culture, history, excellent food and authentic experiences? If so, this is the book for you! Part travel guide, part adventure narrative, author and psychiatrist, Eric Kirchmann, offers his unique perspectives on the French and shares his recipe for a truly extraordinary trip. Learning from past mistakes, Eric created the crème de la crème of vacations with extensive pre-planning, an understanding of cultural norms, and "un peu de français"; (a little bit of language). After sharing his hacks for a great vacation (with additional resources linked in Amazon Author Central), he takes you along on an enchanting escapade… Forty years after meeting in junior high French class, Eric and his lovely wife Courtney finally fulfill their dream of visiting Paris.


            From there, they crisscross France in search of off-the-beaten-path, “hidden gem” encounters. Adventures like cycling with the Sun King, meeting the16,000-year-old woman, and sipping Armagnac directly from the barrel with French royalty only begin to scratch the surface of this enthralling trip. Challenging widely held stereotypes of the French, the book concludes that the real joy of travel, especially in France, comes not in tourist attractions but in the people you meet along the journey.

Professional Reviews

“Your English is Better than My French: Adventures in France and Hack for a Great Vacation by Eric Kirchmann is a travel guide and an adventure narrative that takes readers on an informative and enjoyable tour of Paris and the French countryside. Four decades after meeting in junior high French class, Eric and his beautiful wife Courtney finally fulfill their dream of visiting and exploring France. The first chapter covers everything from language preparation to the adventure of driving in France. The rest describes the couple’s adventures off the beaten track in great detail, which are markedly different from the usual tourist itinerary. The result is a book that gives readers a different picture of this fascinating country and its people.

Eric Kirchmann’s Your English is Better than My French is a must-read for anyone planning a visit to France. Written in the first-person, author and psychiatrist Kirchmann provides readers with an unforgettable three-week adventure in exploring authentic French culture, history, cuisine, and people. What makes this book unique is that it covers everything one should know to have a great time experiencing France and making the best out of your trip. There are a lot of useful tips in this fascinating adventure, made memorable by the author’s cultural observations, extraordinary experiences, and interaction with the people he met along the way. As well as being a practical guide, it is also an entertaining account that anyone who loves to travel should find fascinating. Highly recommended.” ― Readers’ Favorite

Book Accolades

#1 New Release in French Travel

#1 New Release in Paris Travel

#1 New Release in Dordogne Travel

#1 New Release in History of France

#1 New Release in Travel Tips

#1 New Release in Travel Writing Reference

#2 Best Seller in Dordogne Travel

Interview with Carole Handel from French Views

"I know that I promised you the last in my Pyrenees series; however, my recent chat with Eric Kirchmann was too exciting to delay this review. Eric and I recently found each other on Instagram and Eric quickly contacted me through my website. From that small connection, I felt like I had found an old friend. Email exchanges lead me to read his new book, ‘Your English is Better than My French’. Then we chatted on Zoom for ages, cementing our connection. We found that our lives are similar in many ways. Our conversation revolved around our mutual love of travelling independently in France with the desire to integrate with the locals and absorb the French lifestyle..."


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Your English is better than my French’. It was a great mixture of lively travelogue with snippets of history and lots of great travel tips. Although we’ve travelled to France many times, I picked up tips like the etiquette of eating your bread in a restaurant, deciphering the rules for obtaining a seat in a café and the mysteries of paying the restaurant bill. Eric has covered these and many more travel tips. Most importantly is his emphasis on incorporating as much of the French language to really enhance your holiday experience..."


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